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A Photographic Tour of Eureka

by Thomas J. Duck

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Arctic Wildlife

With the eventual sunrise in late February comes animals of all shapes and sizes. The picture below shows an Arctic Fox, a small and fuzzy Arctic inhabitant that is about the size a small dog. Much bigger are the Arctic wolves also shown here, which arrived in a pack of nine at our camp after feasting on a Musk Ox. Other Arctic inhabitants include Arctic hares, caribou, lemmings, seals, and Polar bears.
There's one thing that you might not know about Arctic wolves: they are not known to attack humans. These fellows were just curious to see what we were all about.

That being said, Polar bears are extremely dangerous and should never be approached. They can grow to 1500 lbs and 8 ft in height, and run up to 40 km/h in short bursts. The Polar bear is the undisputed king of the Arctic.

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