The gravity wave - Arctic stratospheric vortex interaction

Duck, T. J., J. A. Whiteway, and A. I. Carswell, Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 58, 3581 - 3596, 2001.

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Abstract. Four hundred and twenty-two nights of stratospheric gravity wave observations were obtained with a Rayleigh lidar in the High Arctic at Eureka (80N, 86W) during six wintertime measurement campaigns between 1992/93 and 1997/98. The measurements are grouped in positions relative to the Arctic stratospheric vortex for comparison. Low gravity wave activity is found in the vortex core, outside of the vortex altogether, and in the vortex jet before mid-December. High gravity wave activity is only found in the vortex jet after late December, and is related to strengthening of the jet and decreased critical-level filtering. Calculations suggest that the drag induced by the late-December gravity wave energy increases drives a warming already observed in the vortex core, thereby reducing vortex-jet wind speeds. The gravity waves provide a feedback mechanism that regulates the strength of the Arctic stratospheric vortex.

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