Lidar on the Phoenix Mars mission: First Results

J. Whiteway, M. Daly, A. Carswell, C. Dickinson, T. Duck, L. Komguem, C. Cook, In Reviewed and Revised Papers Presented at the 24th International Laser Radar Conference, , , 1106 - 1109. Proceedings of the 24th International Laser Radar Conference, 23-28 June 2008, Boulder, Colorado, Organizing Committee, editors, 2008.

Abstract. A lidar system for atmospheric measurements will operate from the surface of Mars as part of the Phoenix mission. This will land on Mars on 25 May 2008. The lidar will measure the height profile of backscattered laser light from airborne dust and clouds. These observations will be coordinated with solar radiation measurements and in situ sampling to study the climate and the water cycle. The design and testing of the lidar system will be described and the first measurements on Mars will be presented.

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