New remotely-operated Raman-Mie-Rayleigh lidar in the High Canadian Arctic

G. J. Nott, M. E. W. Coffin, L. Bourdages, J. G. Doyle, and T. J. Duck, In Reviewed and Revised Papers Presented at the 24th International Laser Radar Conference, , , 33 - 36. Proceedings of the 24th International Laser Radar Conference, 23-28 June 2008, Boulder, Colorado, Organizing Committee, editors, 2008.

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Abstract. A lidar designed for remote operation in the high Canadian Arctic has been constructed. It operates with seven channels at both green and UV wavelengths and will measure rotational Raman and Rayleigh temperatures, particulate and molecular backscatter, and water vapour content in the lower and middle atmospheres. Presented here is a description of this new Raman-Mie-Rayleigh lidar.

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