Evidence for gravity wave interactions with a mesospheric inversion layer

Duck, T. J., In Lidar Remote Sensing in Atmospheric and Earth Sciences, Defence Research and Development Canada, , 423 - 426. Proceedings of the 21st International Laser Radar Conference, 8-12 July 2002, Quebec City, L. R. Bissonnette, G. Roy, and G. Vallee, editors, 2002.

Abstract. A continuous 31.5 hour measurement of middle atmospheric temperatures was obtained with a Rayleigh lidar at MIT Haystack Observatory (46.2N, 71.5W) on 19-21 March 2001. A Mesospheric inversion layer was observed during both night and day, and was seen to propagate downward at 0.40+/-0.06 km/h. An increase in the inversion layer's amplitude near daybreak correlated with increased stratospheric gravity wave activity. The observations suggest that gravity waves propagating through the stratosphere produced the mesospheric inversion layer via wave-breaking processes.

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