Ozone and aerosol observed by lidar in the Canadian Arctic during the winter of 1995/96

Donovan, D. P., J. C. Bird, J. A. Whiteway, T. J. Duck, S. R. Pal, A. I. Carswell, J. W. Sandilands, and J. W. Kaminski, Geophysical Research Letters, 23, 3317 - 3320, 1996.

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Abstract. Lidar observations of stratospheric ozone made at Eureka (80.0N, 86.42W) during the 95/96 winter show substantial declines in ozone mixing ratios. Reductions in ozone levels of up to 40 % between the 410 K and 580 K isentropic levels were observed between mid-January and mid-March. The correlation of the ozone data with potential vorticity and concurrent lidar observations of stratospheric aerosol is consistent with the claim that significant chemical depletion did occur.

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