Lidar observations of stratospheric ozone and aerosol above the Canadian High Arctic during the 1994/95 winter

Donovan, D. P., J. C. Bird, J. A. Whiteway, T. J. Duck, S. R. Pal, and A. I. Carswell, Geophysical Research Letters, 22, 3489 - 3492, 1995.

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Abstract. This letter reports on lidar observations of arctic stratospheric ozone and aerosol made from late December 1994 to mid-March 1995. These observations were conducted at Eureka (80N, 86.42W) in the Canadian arctic. Based on NMC potential vorticity data and aerosol observations, the lower stratosphere over Eureka was seen to be clearly within the Polar Vortex for most of the observation period. The intravortex observations showed that in the stratosphere below the 500 K potential temperature level average ozone mixing ratios decreased on the order of 15 % from early January to mid-February with an additional 15 % decrease observed from mid February to mid-March. These trends are consistent with the Upper Atmospheric Research Satellite (UARS) Microwave Limb Sounder (MLS) measurements of ozone made during the same time periods.

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