UFP (Ultrafine Particle Monitor)

Contact: Lucy Chisholm (lucy.chisholm@ec.gc.ca)

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The TSI Ultrafine Particle (UFP) Monitor - Model 3031, measures number concentrations of aerosols with diameters between 20 and 500 nm, in 6 size channels. The instrument uses an Electrostatic Classifier to sort the particles according to size and a simple electrometer to count the particles. Aerosol is drawn into the instrument, and an electric charge is imposed on the particle. The particle moves through a long tube containing an electric field. Whether the charged particle makes it through the opening at the bottom of the tube to be counted by the electrometer depends on it's trajectory within the tube, which is dependent on it's mass-to-charge ratio and the strength of the electric field. The classifier scans through a range of electric fields, and the numbers of particles that make it through at each electric field value are counted to give the number concentration in each of 6 size ranges: 20-30 nm, 30-50 nm, 50-70 nm, 70-100 nm, 100-200 nm, 200-500 nm, at approximately 11-minute resolution. Note that the plots shown here use the data for the midpoint diameter of the size range, and is then interpolated.

Further information on the instrument can be found on the TSI website.