Dalhousie University Atmospheric-Optics Laboratory: APS


Contact: Jonathan Franklin (j.franklin@dal.ca)

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The Dalhousie Atmospheric Observatory (DAO) DA8 is a newly refurbished ABB Bomem DA8 FTIR spectrometer. A complete upgrade of the electronics and controlling software was finished in early 2011. Regular solar absorption measurements covering the spectral range from 750 to 4300 cm-1 are made with the use of a KBr beamsplitter and both InSb and MCT detectors.

A newly designed altitude/azimuth sun tracker built to support the DA8 has been operating successfully at DAO since June 2010.

The trace gas total and partial column data presented here were calculated from the spectral data using SFIT2.

Please note that this is preliminary data! Any questions can be directed to Jonathan Franklin (j.franklin@dal.ca)