Environment Canada (EC) vertical wind profiler output

Contact: Michael Earle (Michael.Earle@ec.gc.ca)

Original plots and converted images can be found in the pdf and png folders, respectively.

Text files with more information on each image can be found in txt. That information is also (usually) reproduced below this directory listing.

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Data plots represent near-raw 1-h averages, subject to cursory QC by profiler software. This software employs an algorithm to remove outliers, average the radial winds, and convert the average result into a wind vector profile.

Data plots are obtained using EC's Weather Recording and Analysis Package (WRAP). Vertical profiles are provided for 24-h intervals, starting at 1300 UTC on the date indicated in the filename (YYMMDD format). Wind barbs have units of knots.


  1. Gaps in profiler data plots are common, and can arise from one or more of the following:
    • Intermittent noise/interference
    • Low signal (power) output
    • Variations in atmospheric conditions (e.g. a dry layer will not scatter energy as effectively as a more humid layer)
  2. Notes for WP data file: WP_100717_1300_24h
    • Hardware failure just after 700 UTC on 100718
    • Barbs at lowest level for a given hour sometimes indicate southwesterly winds - this is inconsistent with surface measurements, which range from approximately easterly to southeasterly